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Give Your Business Direction

Strategic planning is important for your business because it provides a sense of direction and outlines measurable goals to keep you and your business on track.  In order to make the most of strategic planning, your business should give careful thought to the goals it outlines and then back up these goals with realistic measures […]

The Next Chapter

After 40 years in the industry, May Edwards wanted to sell her small business and transition into retirement.  She was a widow with no family available to support her with this transition.  She had no clear plan and limited documentation to demonstrate the value of her business and its growth potential.



Her problem was how […]

Maximize Value Before Sale

Selling a business at the right price and terms often takes a year or more. Owners who desire to sell their businesses should begin to maximize the value of their business at least two and preferably three or four years prior to the sale.  Selling before you have to allows you to take a […]

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“Stress Free or Stressful” Business Transition to New Owners – It’s a Choice

Blueberry Trailers was established by Jack Jones in 1970.  Since its humble beginnings as a husband-and-wife-based business, the company has grown to manage 30 team members across two factories and build approximately 50 custom trailers per year.

That said, along the way it has had its struggles.

In 2012, Jack suffered a non-fatal heart attack and it […]

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Plan For Future Business Success

Jeff Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, once said that he has only two items in his job description:  One is to retire with the value of the company exceeding that when he took over and the other is to find a successor.

Succession planning acknowledges that your team members will not be with a […]

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Traditional Effective Low-Cost Small Business Marketing

This case study demonstrates how Hair Salon owners worked with their Accountant to create an effective low-cost marketing campaign which targeted lapsed and new customers to increase sales.  The campaign was traditional but effective.


About The Client

A Client runs a small funky hair salon in New York.  They decided it was time to move to […]

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Avoid changing horses in midstream

It’s rare that Accountants are spoken of as examples of great marketing. So please indulge us as we share with you a wonderful campaign run by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales back in 1995.


So proud were the Institute of their campaign that they bought serious billboard space in London. On […]

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Art gallery improves profitability by understanding four ways to grow any business

There are only four ways to grow a business:

Increase the number of customers
Get them coming back more often
Increase the average spend
Improve the effectiveness of every business process

A local art gallery worked with their accountant to improve profitability significantly by running a series of quarterly themes through the year. Before each […]

Business by Design

Most businesses are built by default – not by design.

Very few businesses start ‘with the end in mind’ and design it from the ground up. Most businesses grow by default with people, systems, culture, clients, numbers, habits and attitudes.

If you take a good hard look at your business today, is it exactly what you […]

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Barber responds to new competition

A well-established barber shop in a small town was hit hard when a new barber moved into the area and set up shop. Having held a monopoly prior to the arrival of the competitor, the barber had become complacent and benefited from false loyalty.  This sense of false security was disrupted by new competition.

The […]

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