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Prize = Win a “$100 Hamper from the Corner Coffee Bar”
1. The competition is organised by Kennedys Accountants, ABN 41 248 205 938, 5 Hamilton St Gisborne 3437
2. Participation in this promotion is deemed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
3. Entry is only open to Australian residents aged […]

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Prize = Win an “Escape to Mt Macedon for a 90 minute Relax Package at Wren Beauty”
Succumb to soothing relaxation as you soak your feet and experience a rejuvenating foot treatment. Enjoy a pampering yet reviving back, neck and shoulder massage to get your circulation moving and calm […]

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Marketing agency turns to cloud accounting to gain control

Mary runs a small digital marketing agency with a small team, serving business clients seeking to optimize their potential customers’ experience in interacting with their websites and social media platforms. As the business started to grow, Mary had neglected the financial aspect of her business and found that although sales were increasing, profitability was […]

Retail store finds one way of doing things brings success

Sarah and Tim own an independent home entertainment retailer, selling televisions, music systems, phones, computers, games and consoles and other consumer electronics. Having completed their year-end accounts and tax work, the accountant presented the couple with a three-year business performance review, which highlighted three key issues:

Sales had declined year on year
Gross profit […]

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Delegating tips to make your life easier

If you can free up an hour a day, you’ll create a month a year for yourself. If you’re a business owner, that could be a breakthrough thought. What would you do if you were able to free up a month a year? Perhaps you’d use it to focus on growing your business. Or […]

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What’s the difference between water and steam?

“What’s the difference between water and steam? At 99 degrees water is merely hot, at 100 degrees it turns to steam and can move locomotives. Just one degree—a one per cent change—makes the difference.”

This is a great metaphor for business.

It is always the little things, the small improvements that get the big results. In […]

Wholesale paint supplier and accountant working together drive business to new levels

A local wholesale paint supplier had been a client of their accountant for eight years. The relationship had traditionally been around year end tax and compliance. Two years ago, the accountant discussed the idea of business growth with her client. She said she had been thinking about the business and had run some numbers […]

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Say “I do” to customers and team members

Consider it polygamy of sorts. But if you want to stay in business long and prosper, you have to commit to your customers. It’s no longer enough just to satisfy them. The quality of a business’ revenue is as important as its quantity. Loyal customers represent quality revenue.

It’s great if every customer walks away […]

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Don’t just reverse the risk – remove it

Consider this fundamental point in business; whenever a customer makes a purchase, they take a risk that the product or service will work.

When you think about it logically, the fact that they’re taking a risk must hamper the decision-making process. In a lot of cases, it must put off the decision. The product or […]

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