Get yourself ahead of the pack by organizing your business

Formal and Informal Systems
All businesses have systems. They make the wheels of your business turn. Some systems are formal but many are informal.  Systems that are informal can keep your business wheels from turning smoothly when it comes to day-to-day operations such as closing sales and ultimately from easily selling or passing down your […]

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IT consultancy works with accountant to turnaround flagging results

Joe is the CEO of a growing IT consultancy providing network management solutions as well as selling and repairing computer equipment out of a retail store. Joe has two silent partners in the business who tipped in some money to get it going.

Joe had grown his team to 25 people. He thought things were […]

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How to free up cash by reducing receivables

The most effective way to manage receivables is to put into place a system that allows management the ability to:

Provide credit to eligible customers only
Keep track of receivables in a timely manner
Trigger follow-up calls/emails/letters for reminders/past due/legal action and
Trigger when management intervention or legal recourse becomes the next action.

This allows […]

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Dentist’s revenue jumps with one simple process change

Amanda started a modern and progressive dental surgery three years ago. She had grown the business from nothing, reaching breakeven quickly through word of mouth and then moving into profitability. But she felt there was so much more potential in her business. When her accountant suggested they sit down to talk through how she […]

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What a business plan can do for you and how to use it

Running a business without a business plan is like rock climbing blindfolded. Your chances of making it successfully to the top are slim. And the process will surely be a death-defying one.

Contrary to popular practice, a business plan is not a means to securing financing. Instead it is a step-by-step guide to running your […]

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Suburban law firm cleans up its act to improve profitability

David, the sole practitioner of a legal firm, found that his revenue had stagnated and he was consistently facing cash flow problems. David was jolted into action by a frank conversation with his accountant. The accountant asked him how many hours he worked in his firm each year. The lawyer estimated approximately 2,000. The […]

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Does a Small Business Need Leadership or Management?

Does your business need leadership or management? The answer is both. Have you ever heard the expression “too many generals and not enough soldiers”? Well it works both ways. Too many soldiers without a strong general will surely find themselves fighting the wrong battles.

Experience has shown us that businesses with too many leaders inevitably […]

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