How to create a promotions strategy that works

You may have the greatest product ever but if you don’t tell the world, it will sit on the shelves collecting dust until you finally have to close your business. Remember, you know what is great about your business because you created it. The rest of the world is not thinking about you and what […]

Is your marketing plan as tired as your business brand?

There are many ways to market your business, and the key to maximizing your efforts and marketing spend is to inject variety in your marketing plan.

The following are four tips on how you can diversify your marketing to increase market reach and impact.

Revitalize Your Business Branding

If your brand hasn’t had a makeover in many […]

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Traditional Effective Low-Cost Small Business Marketing

This case study demonstrates how Hair Salon owners worked with their Accountant to create an effective low-cost marketing campaign which targeted lapsed and new customers to increase sales.  The campaign was traditional but effective.


About The Client

A Client runs a small funky hair salon in New York.  They decided it was time to move to […]

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Avoid changing horses in midstream

It’s rare that Accountants are spoken of as examples of great marketing. So please indulge us as we share with you a wonderful campaign run by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales back in 1995.


So proud were the Institute of their campaign that they bought serious billboard space in London. On […]

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