What’s the difference between water and steam?

“What’s the difference between water and steam? At 99 degrees water is merely hot, at 100 degrees it turns to steam and can move locomotives. Just one degree—a one per cent change—makes the difference.”

This is a great metaphor for business.

It is always the little things, the small improvements that get the big results. In […]

Construction business benefits from understanding the numbers

Stephen runs a construction business specializing in large basements and car parks. The business has been established for 25 years and has grown steadily, with revenue now into eight figures. Unfortunately, profit margins are very slim and last year, Stephen’s business barely broke even and he was unable to draw his usual dividend at […]

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Suburban law firm cleans up its act to improve profitability

David, the sole practitioner of a legal firm, found that his revenue had stagnated and he was consistently facing cash flow problems. David was jolted into action by a frank conversation with his accountant. The accountant asked him how many hours he worked in his firm each year. The lawyer estimated approximately 2,000. The […]

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