Thinking of selling your business? There’s a lot of work to do…

One of the questions we often ask our clients is ‘when do you plan to sell your business?’ We get all sorts of responses, ranging from ‘I’ve no intention of selling it’ to ‘We think the boys will take it over, but we’re not sure’ to ‘I’d sell it tomorrow if I could!’ Whatever […]

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The Next Chapter

After 40 years in the industry, May Edwards wanted to sell her small business and transition into retirement.  She was a widow with no family available to support her with this transition.  She had no clear plan and limited documentation to demonstrate the value of her business and its growth potential.



Her problem was how […]

Maximize Value Before Sale

Selling a business at the right price and terms often takes a year or more. Owners who desire to sell their businesses should begin to maximize the value of their business at least two and preferably three or four years prior to the sale.  Selling before you have to allows you to take a […]

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